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Xecutive – Marijuana Strain Review

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Xecutive – Marijuana Strain Review

Xecutive is like Mike Tyson. It will knock you out. You’ll be snoring and dreaming sweet dreams in record time after taking a hit of this strain.

How about the buds?

They are nice and rich with big full buds. A bright vibrant green that has an extremely strong smell. Let’s just say that Xecutive is not discrete at all. The smell is very sharp and skunky.

Spicy taste and quick hit

So I loaded up a bong and took a quick hit. Woah spicy. The taste lingers in your mouth and is very strong. It almost made me cough since I wasn’t expecting such a strong flavor. Before I had time to put down the bong I was off. Behind my eyes the pressure started to build, making me extremely talkative.

For 30 to 45 minutes I was sky high with a strong euphoria and a nice body tingle. Not to mention an intense hunger. I couldn’t focus or really do anything that required me to pay attention. I felt a bit ‘stupid’ in that it took me a few extra moments to gather my thoughts or to express a coherent idea.

Then that all starts to fade and you start the rattling journey down. Your eyes start to get really saggy and couch lock starts to set in. This strain is very hard to force yourself to stay awake on. I wouldn’t recommend Xecutive for any type of wake and bake situation.

This strain has many ups and a few downs. If you are looking for something to help you relax then this is definitely for you. I felt so calm and content with everything around me. All my stress just melted away like butter. Tasty tasty butter. It also gave me a real nice body numbness that lasted a very long time after the high wore off. However, it was a little weak for the price point. So value is a definite minus.

Completely indica to it’s core, Xecutive takes you on a rattling, rollercoaster train ride up and then glides you back down into sleepy time junction. Choo Choo. I probably won’t pick this up again because it didn’t really set itself far enough apart from the pack, but if you have insomnia and are trying new things then say ‘hello’ to Xecutive!

This is one mean Indica strain!

I was knocked on my ass, and I barely hit it. Xecutive is a hit it quit it type of strain. If you are in need of a fast swift kick to the head and body, then I would run out and find this now! Xecutive comes on fast when smoked. I am not even sure if I had time to put down the bong before I was swimming in a sea of creativity and imagination. For an Indica, this strain packs a big punch to the head.

The cerebral high was amazing too

If anxiety is something that plagues you, then I would try this strain. After only 2 hits I was talking nonstop about nothing to anyone that would listen. I found myself rambling on and on about the most random things. If you are having a creative block, smoke a joint and then you will have your mind freed of restraints. Bring a pen and paper, because you are going to probably forgot any new ideas you come up with. After 30 minutes I realized that I was blazed into a stuper, and my body started to tingle. The buzz was beginning to quickly move through my entire body. Around an hour into the session I was really feeling the Indica. I had loads of energy up until this point, and now all I wanted to do was lounge and nap.

For over 2 hours I was completely blazed. On the way down expect to pass out. I was so sleepy, and after a few hours of being intensely medicated I couldn’t take it and had to sleep. I had some of the best sleep while smoking this strain. Xecutive is one of the best strains I have smoked for insomnia, and oddly enough, anxiety. Don’t forget to keep the fridge stocked, this bud had me devouring mounds of food. Anyone with a loss of appetite should grab this one too.

The only negative I have is the price. At $20 a gram, this is not a cheap bud. I loved the medication, but I found the price did not match the quality. For $20 a gram, I expected to be out for longer than 2 hours. I would pick this up again if it was on sale, but probably not at full price.