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Smoker Of The Month – Lester Grinspoon

Exploring the world of Cannabis

Smoker Of The Month – Lester Grinspoon

This month we feature Dr. Lester Grinspoon. Born June 24, 1928, Dr. Grinspoon, a retired Associate Professor of Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School, has been studying cannabis since 1967. The Dr. has also published two books, Marihuana Reconsidered 71′ and Marihuana, the Forbidden Medicine 93′, both were published by respected publishers Harvard University Press (Marihuana Reconsidered) and Yale University Press (Marihuana, the Forbidden Medicine).

During the 60s, when an increase in usage was sweeping the United States, Dr. Grinspoon’s interest in marijuana began to peak. When his initial research began, he was sure marijuana was a dangerous drug. Grinspoon believed young people were being naive to the dangers of the plant. He set out to prove marijuana was a harmful plant through difficult scientific research.

After three years of research on cannabis, I concluded that not only was it much less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, but also that no harm it might cause was nearly as serious as the damage attributable to the annual arrest of 400,000 mostly young people on marihuana charges. I naively believed that once people understood that marihuana was much less harmful than drugs already legal, the laws against it would be repealed. I confidently predicted that cannabis would be legalized for adult use within the decade.

Introduction to the 1994 classic reprint of Marihuana Reconsidered

Since beginning his research, Dr. Grinspoon has become a great asset to the marijuana movement. Dr. Grinspoon has become a voice of encouragement, and activism in the community. He has given, and still gives, many speeches on marijuana and has received many awards, including the Alfred R. Lindesmith Award for Achievement in the Field of Scholarship from the Drug Policy Foundation. The Dr. has also been in documentaries surrounding the use of marijuana. He has also appeared on television and been interviewed many times about his support of medical marijuana.

“Cannabis is remarkably safe. Although not harmless, it is surely less toxic than most of the conventional medicines it could replace if it were legally available. Despite its use by millions of people over thousands of years, cannabis has never caused an overdose death.”

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