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Rewriting Legalization of Marijuana

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Rewriting Legalization of Marijuana

According to the most recent Gallup Poll Americans are now favoring legalization of marijuana. The number of supporters has been increasing over the decades, and this year is the first that shows more citizens are in favor of legalization then keeping it illegal. The initial polling in 1969 showed more than 80% of Americans opposed marijuana. People are finally changing opinions.

Gallup is not the only source showing a growing number of citizens asking for change. We the People offers you the ability to post, and support, petitions that are directly reviewed by the White House. Currently their are many petitions that ask the question of legalization and marijuana. I suggest that everyone does their part, and sign. If you slightly support the cause, something like this could really help.

As marijuana activists we should be doing anything and everything to ensure that our fellow cannabis users are safe. Too many good people are being handcuffed for the wrong reasons. Everyday people are suffering because they do not have legal access to cannabis. We are doing everyone such an injustice by doing nothing. We have to stand up and make our voices heard. Reach out to your local government, become active in events, and just speak openly about how cannabis has helped you.