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Purple Flo – Wake And Bake Strain

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Purple Flo – Wake And Bake Strain

Purple Flo smells so sweet and fruity. When you crack open this bud be prepared to be wowed by the smell. Purple Flo holds true to her name; this bud is covered with tons of purple. It does not let your taste buds down either. You can expect a sweet intake and an easy exhale with no harsh aftertaste.

The medicine came on lightly

I was more focused with a feeling of my head being lifted off of me. This weed did not leave me unable to perform. I was able to focus on tasks much easier. The high also made me somewhat motivated to complete tasks. I had no couch lock what so ever while smoking on this bud. You can feel the sativa dominance in the bud. Purple Flo is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

This weed is a great wake and bake. I did that many times while trying out the Purple Flo. I was never left feeling groggy or sleepy after the effects wore off. The overall buzz lasted for around an hour. If you are looking for a nice focused quick high, then Purple Flo might be what you are looking for.

Purple Flo was an okay smoke. It gave me a slight high that was over a little too fast. I prefer to have a giggly, talkative, happy weed. I would suggest that anyone that needs help focusing to give Purple Flo a try. Purple Flo is a great beginner weed, great for anyone that does not want to dive head first into marijuana.

Purple Flo, which should really be called Hawaiian Punch because of it’s intensely fruity smell, has a very citrus taste on inhale with slight hints of grape. It’s a very smooth smoke and won’t have you coughing up a lung later. The nug has a distinct purple shade with a powdered dusting. It looks like a piece of grape flavored candy that Willy Wonka himself should have made.

Comes on quick, this is definitely not a creeper

Focuses you in to where you can’t stop thinking about a specific task and have to finish it at all costs. It’s a very light, heady high. This strain is definitely not going to have you drooling on the couch, but instead enjoying a nice relaxing buzz. Your muscles will relax and you will lose all that tension you have built up. It’s like an expensive massage, wrapped up in a plant. Just don’t expect any happy endings.

This is a great wake and bake strain

Especially if you have some important plans, or if you have a lot of complicated technical work to get done. It won’t make you to high where you zone out for long periods of time and get really tired. Instead if you experience anxiety or if you are a little depressed and want to bring out a nice relaxing euphoria, Purple Flo is the strain for you.

Watch out because the Purple Flo marijuana strain might be a little to light if you have a huge tolerance of if you want something that will knock you out for the night!