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Obama Kush – Medical Marijuana Review

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Obama Kush – Medical Marijuana Review

First, let me just say that Obama Kush will get your heart racing. My chest felt like it was doing the Tour de France, and I’m definitely no Lance Armstrong. Bam bam BAM. Let’s not jump ahead to far though, we have plenty of ground to cover in this review of Obama Kush.

Obama Kush is a beautiful purple ball of sticky sweet sugar. When you crack open a nug of this a pine, earthy smell fills the air. It’s kind of pleasant and very stealth if you want to stay conscious of everything smelling like weed. So I packed a bong full of this stuff, started a roaring fire, and dragged a deep heavy breathe. Smooth. Obama goes in easy and comes out even easier.

This is one of those rare strains for me that actually made me more focused and more productive than normal. My focus, alertness, and creativity shot through the roof. Then through another roof and finally slammed straight through a cat on a hot tin roof. MEOOWWW!

This strain is an indica but it definitely feels like a strong sativa

I never got tired after a bowl of Obama and I never got the munchies. If you are looking for something that will send you to bed or something to give you a voracious appetite then this isn’t the weed for you.

Instead, you’ll feel like you got 10,000 volts to the nipples. Great for any social occasion outside or anything active. The only negative, is that I got a bit paranoid my heart was going to burst out of my chest because it was beating so hard. Pick this up if you have a chance, I haven’t found it available at many Collectives, so grab it if you got it.

I never thought I would actually say these words, but I like Obama. Well… Obama Kush that is. This is a great smoke. This is some amazing looking bud. These dense nugs are beautifully covered in a white dusting that almost looks like frost on a winter’s morn. Well that’s a little over the top, but damn they are tasty looking.

Obama Kush is a good tasting, easy smoking, bud

I felt no discomfort on the inhale or the exhale. It was just a great easy smoke. I would recommend this for anyone that is new to smoking. This is a good full mind and body high that really gets you energized and out the door. If being lazy is what you are after, I might head for something different.

This was not like any other Indica. I felt amazing. This was a great feeling I was up; and I went up fast. It was intense. I felt my mood skyrocket up to the sky and I knew that I was one with the universe. I am a generally happy person, but this stuff left me smiling nonstop.

The middle of the buzz is not bad either. Obama Kush kept me going for a bit. It lingered on for a long time, but not in a bad way. It was a nice feeling. I had an overall sense of calm and focus. I will warn you that this is an intense great feeling high. I would recommend this to anyone that is feeling depressed and dragged down. This had to be one of the most uplifting highs I have had in a while. I would buy this strain again.