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LA Woman – Strain Review

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LA Woman – Strain Review

Let me paint you a picture. It’s mid 1970′s, the rain has started to lightly fall on the brim of your hat, getting your dark brown suit a little wet. You brush it off, your a man a little rain never killed anyone. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a she-devil. A woman dressed in red walking, no strutting down the avenue. That my friend’s is LA Woman. A dank nug that will draw you in like a seductress of THC.

The bud is a bit bushy

With orange hairs coming out the top like a wild child. The taste is a bit spicy, with a definite harshness to it. A bit hashy on the exhale.

You won’t feel anything at first because LA Woman is a definite creeper. After a minute or two you start to feel your head float up to the sky like a balloon and your body starts to feel a little loose. After a few more minutes the high explodes. I got a pretty good case of body tingles, talkativeness, creativity, and a slight case of the giggles.

This is a great strain if you have social anxiety or see yourself getting into a social situation while smoking. I loved this strain except for one simple thing, it only has about a 1 hour high. That’s it. It’s not going to last you very long at all. You’ll have to keep hitting the pipe or the vape if you want to feel those effects more. The downside to hitting it again is that it tends to make you very tired if you smoke it more than once.

This is a great beginner to intermediate strain, since it is over quite quick. All in all, LA Woman is a must try, but this lady isn’t going to have you coming back for more time and time again.

This is one dense hairy spicy bud

Don’t even think about trying to be discrete while medicating with LA Woman. This bud is relentless on smell. LA Woman comes at you like a woman of the night. She takes your money and gives you just a little bit to keep you satisfied, if only for an hour or two. Well the bud is not a hooker, but it does seduce you into smoking more.

I have not really had a decent creeper in a long time. LA Woman does creep, but don’t get your hopes set too high. You can really feel the pressure behind the eyes, and the entire body tingles. I was very talkative on this bud. I would recommend this for anyone that is anxious about a social event. This really loosens you up for anything. This is a really good outdoor smoke as well. I decided to go for a walk after I had smoked, and I was happy that I made that choice. The buzz really made the entire experience better. The area seemed a lot more serene. I felt no paranoia; I felt careless.

The peak of this high comes way too fast, but once you get there you are there for a bit. I was buzzed about an hour and a half. It was a very strong hight at first, but really begins to taper off about an hour into it. I was really hit with the urge to spark up again, but it was not the best time to do so. I would only suggest this smoke when you have time to hit it hard.

This could be my tolerance talking, but man the second time I smoked sucked in comparison to the first. The buzz was not as strong. I was almost sorry to hit it again. I hope that this is just a tolerance thing, but I am not sure. This is still worth the purchase, if only for the first high. Did I mention that it’s great? I was also very impressed with the price. I was able to score an 1/8th for $30. The price could be the reason that I fell in love with this sweet sexy LA Woman.