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Grape Ape Bubble Hash Review

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Grape Ape Bubble Hash Review

The come-up is fast! I was instantly sky-high on the hash highway and boy was it a full body high. I could really feel the buzz in my entire body. My ears were especially buzzing. This hit me so hard at first. I felt like I was rolling with colors. It’s an amazing buzz. You have an almost melt into things feeling. Music was amazing. You feel like you can groove with them.

This is one intense high – it was just a crazy rush of high

It could almost be too much at first and I had a little nausea. The entire body buzz was full blown, and if you needed remedy for pain, you would be in bliss. I suggest this for anyone that is having any pains such as migraines, backaches, or any soreness to check this out.

If you are ailed with depression, then I would try Grape Ape Bubble Hash. This was amazing for lifting me up, and making me feel happy. At times I would go into such deep peaceful internal thoughts. Your entire body just feels completely numb. Everything was very funny as well, I was rolling on the floor laughing and had a massive case of the giggles.

I don’t know if it has came across yet, but this stuff is damn potent. I felt the effects for over 3 hours. I was so tired after 3 hours that I had to go to bed. I was knocked out and slept great too. I would not medicate with this if you need to be active. You will be useless for pretty much anything, other than sleeping or laying on the couch and watching a movie.

I may have done a little too much, but I would try this again in a heartbeat. I would also probably dose a little lower on the get go. I think that I went up a little faster than I expected.

You know when you want to get completely blitzed, wrecked, and knocked for a complete loop then you reach for the hash. Grape Ape bubble hash fits the bill nicely, just like a super concentrated kick to the scrotum the bubble hash is higher strength version of the Grape Ape bud.

We first started out with a standalone bowl of hash and didn’t use it as a topper to any other marijuana that way we could feel it’s true effects. A few seconds after taking a rip and I was already flying. There was an intense pressure behind the eyes almost immediately and it continued to grow.

A few minutes after that and the euphoria started to wash over me. I went to the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I had a cheesy grin plastered all over my face. Grape Ape hash while a pure indica strain does have many qualities of a sativa. One of these is that it doesn’t knock you out. I barely got tired at all off the hash whether it was the initial trial or the several other trials. I did get quite lazy and couch-locked but my mind was still alert and going a million miles a second.

At it’s peak I started to get extremely hungry even though I had previously eaten an hour or so beforehand. Music sounds amazing and lyrics/riffs start jumping out of the speakers and smacking you in the face. It was an intense calm the other time and my body was completely numb.

Great time on Grape Ape Bubble Hash

It was a very intense and long high. I was still a little buzzed after 4 hours. You should pick some of this up if you are in a lot of pain or need something to really make your body relax. I don’t think I could feel a truck hit me while I was on the peak of this stuff. We have several more hash reviews and concentrate reviews coming shortly so stay tuned!