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Obama Kush – Medical Marijuana Review

First, let me just say that Obama Kush will get your heart racing. My chest felt like it was doing the Tour de France, and I’m definitely no Lance Armstrong. Bam bam BAM. Let’s not jump ahead to far though, we have plenty of ground to cover in this review of Obama Kush. Obama Kush…
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LA Woman – Strain Review

Let me paint you a picture. It’s mid 1970′s, the rain has started to lightly fall on the brim of your hat, getting your dark brown suit a little wet. You brush it off, your a man a little rain never killed anyone. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a she-devil. A…
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AK-47 – Medical Marijuana That Will Knock Your Socks Off

This mother is like a shot to the head. Hit this and BAM! I was head high within seconds. The onset is fast and heavy. I could feel the buzz take over my entire head, and slowly drift down my body. This is for the medicator that enjoys a great head high and a medium…
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Purple Flo – Wake And Bake Strain

Purple Flo smells so sweet and fruity. When you crack open this bud be prepared to be wowed by the smell. Purple Flo holds true to her name; this bud is covered with tons of purple. It does not let your taste buds down either. You can expect a sweet intake and an easy exhale…
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Grape Ape Bubble Hash Review

The come-up is fast! I was instantly sky-high on the hash highway and boy was it a full body high. I could really feel the buzz in my entire body. My ears were especially buzzing. This hit me so hard at first. I felt like I was rolling with colors. It’s an amazing buzz. You…
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Xecutive – Marijuana Strain Review

Xecutive is like Mike Tyson. It will knock you out. You’ll be snoring and dreaming sweet dreams in record time after taking a hit of this strain. How about the buds? They are nice and rich with big full buds. A bright vibrant green that has an extremely strong smell. Let’s just say that Xecutive…
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Black Jack – Medical Marijuana Review

This is not the hardest hitting bud, but it is great for small pain relief and just a general relaxation. The smoke was a little harsh on the exhale, and had somewhat of a spicy feel. The buds were dense and pretty hairy. I have seen better looking weed, but this was still around B…
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