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Smoker Of The Month – Lester Grinspoon

This month we feature Dr. Lester Grinspoon. Born June 24, 1928, Dr. Grinspoon, a retired Associate Professor of Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School, has been studying cannabis since 1967. The Dr. has also published two books, Marihuana Reconsidered 71′ and Marihuana, the Forbidden Medicine 93′, both were published by respected publishers Harvard University Press (Marihuana…
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Rewriting Legalization of Marijuana

According to the most recent Gallup Poll Americans are now favoring legalization of marijuana. The number of supporters has been increasing over the decades, and this year is the first that shows more citizens are in favor of legalization then keeping it illegal. The initial polling in 1969 showed more than 80% of Americans opposed…
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Jimmy Carter Speaks Out For Legalization

In recent news, Former President Jimmy Carter was recently published in The New York Times for his article on marijuana possession, and his belief in national drug reform. In the article, the former President took his stance on the current drug war, and how during his presidency he pushed for decriminalization of possession of less…
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Marijuana Helping Kids With Debilitating Diseases

More and more families are beginning to turn to marijuana for help for their children. While we praise all of the results of these findings, we must hesitate before diving head first into a, possible, shallow pool. There has been very little study on marijuana itself, let alone on it’s effects on children. What we…
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