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Black Jack – Medical Marijuana Review

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Black Jack – Medical Marijuana Review

This is not the hardest hitting bud, but it is great for small pain relief and just a general relaxation. The smoke was a little harsh on the exhale, and had somewhat of a spicy feel. The buds were dense and pretty hairy. I have seen better looking weed, but this was still around B grade material.

The high on Black Jack is quite nice. It comes up quite fast and you really feel it in your head. The buzz kicks in with a nice euphoria and keeps you pretty positive and up the entire time. The feeling stays with you the entire day. I rarely felt the weight of the Indica, unless I smoked a huge bowl, and then I was couch locked and soon ready for bed. During those few times that I used more medication, sleep was amazing and very restful. I slept sound and straight through the night. I hardly ever can do that, so I was quite surprised.

I like Black Jack as a lunch time strain. I find that, although it work’s as a sleep aid, I prefer the slight head buzz instead of the full couch lock. The buzz has just enough of that umph to push you through the day and not really tire you out. I felt very rested after a bowl around midday, I did not feel lagged or did I have any difficulty concentrating. I took a couple of tokes, and I was good for the rest of the afternoon.

Black Jack is a good bud to try, but I would not go out of my way to find it. The effects are a little on the lighter side, which is great for a small buzz, but I prefer a little harder of a hit. If you are wanting good medication to help you relax with a slight head high, but not lock you into the couch, then I would try this strain.

Black Jack is your average mid-grade strain. Nothing to really write home about, but it will definitely help you with any problems or conditions you have. It will send you sky-high and forgetting the forgottens you forget or forgot. I definitely feel like I could smoke this day in and day out. It was a great intermediately strain for that type of thing. Something to get you from point A to point B. Point B being your top quality meds.

Pricing is generally pretty good for the quality. So value is definitely high. That’s not the only thing that is high. Black Jack will kick you back and have you relaxin’ real Snoopy style. Like the other review (clicky tabs above) said this is a Hybrid strain. Which I felt immediately after taking a hit of this. The buds are really dense with a lot of amber golden hairs. The smell is concealable and not terribly strong with sharp notes of orange and spice.

After that first hit I felt it right behind the eyes and my body had a bit of numbness. I planned a few things to do during the experience, but felt myself sort of unproductive and hard to focus. It was a good high but I couldn’t keep a thought for more than .1 nanoseconds.

You’ll be getting couch lock about 30 minutes into the experience. The kind that washes over you and just makes you splay out and take up as much room as possible. It feels good man. It feels good. Nausea, pain, insomnia, all disappear. If your looking for a mid-grade strain and don’t like to hit the pipe hard this is a good choice. The taste and high are good quality just go somewhere else if you want the fire.