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AK-47 – Medical Marijuana That Will Knock Your Socks Off

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AK-47 – Medical Marijuana That Will Knock Your Socks Off

This mother is like a shot to the head. Hit this and BAM! I was head high within seconds. The onset is fast and heavy. I could feel the buzz take over my entire head, and slowly drift down my body. This is for the medicator that enjoys a great head high and a medium tingly body buzz. You can feel the effects of the Sativa in the strain immediately.

I found that the AK-47 had a harsh smoke, with a sweet spicy taste

I was coughing and grabbing for a drink moments after taking a hit. This shit is potent. I lost the ability to concentrate on anything at all. I was forgetting things before they came out of my mouth. It was extremely hard to concentrate on conversations. The lack of focus talking to people a lot of fun. I was very philosophical and came up with plenty of highdeas.

If you have any plans, don’t bother. This is going to leave you totaled for a few hours, or the entire evening, as I was. AK-47 has been tested to have over 20% THC, and with the 50/50 combo Sativa/Indica, this bud packs a punch. If you have a low tolerance I would start out slow. You can always smoke up but you can’t smoke down.

When the middle of the high kicked in I was getting tired

I was couch locked at this point. Watching a movie and getting lost in conversation with friends is great. I had a bout of paranoia around the beginning of the high, but by this time it was gone.

Around the end of the high I was worthless; all I wanted to do was be very lazy and just melt into a movie. After smoking this the first time, I knew that I would smoke the rest of this great bud within a few days. This is great for people that need the relaxation and relief from pain.

I did run into a small dislike while smoking the AK-47. I was paranoid at times while medicated. I found that I was just a little more uptight and felt a little awkward while smoking. Although I felt uncomfortable, I was able to overcome this feeling after a few minutes. If you are a little anxious, I would go slow at first. AK-47 is a nice bud that is great for a head high and awesome for pain management.

AK-47 has a strong smell and an even stronger smoke

Expect to cough unless you are a pro. The taste of the smoke on inhale is very woody and almost a little harsh. While the look of the bud is a dark green and frosty treat. AK-47 has a very long and strong buzz, which makes sense because it is the winner of 8 different cannabis competitions.

The second you take a puff of AK-47 medical marijuana your face explodes. Boom headshot! Your mind climbs into that mental elevator, pulls out his vip key, and unlocks the penthouse floors above 100. This elevator doesn’t play those boring jazzy interludes and mellow piano music, it’s rocking death metal. After a couple of minutes you plateau and feel energized ready to take on the world.

While AK-47 is a sativa mostly it does contain a lot of indica

This creates an initial energized burst with a lot of creative energy, talkativeness, and general euphoria. Then around 30 to 45 minutes into the high the indica side kicks in, which makes you more tired, generally more focused on specific things, and a bit of pain management.

This is a great hybrid strain that will give you some of the best of both worlds, I really enjoyed the initial come-up and the lazy comedown. It made it amazing to slip into bed after a hard day while relieving my extra energy.

I also felt very creative the entire time, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to get to a pen and paper. Classic stuff like what would a rhino-meat pizza taste like, how many mustaches are there in the world right now, someone should make a cheeto where the cheese is inside the crunchy part so that you don’t get orange hands.

The only negative that I could really give to AK-47 is that it increased my anxiety quite a bit. Which could be some bad mojo for certain social situations. All in all, Zeus sitting on his metal throne would gladly declare AK-47 the ultimate night time smoke.